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Get the publicity you deserve – without any of the time, effort or expense of building your own press list and creating your own press releases. Let us do it for you.

hot sheet is the communications tool that reaches all the fashion and jewelry editors. It alerts them to your new design, product line or business news like nothing else.

Here's how it works:
You send us information about your product and a photo, and we put them in Hot Sheet, a professional email newsletter. The information you supply is written in an appealing way and placed alongside your picture in the format that editors (and retailers, for that matter) can make the most use of. It is then sent directly to dozens and dozens of trade and consumer editors.

Editors love it because it brings the latest information right to their desks in an easily readable way along with pictures in the 300 dpi format that they need for their publications. They can get further information with a single click of the mouse, and they don't need to send photos or slides out to be scanned. The pictures, and the text, are right there, ready to be used. For the designer, Hot Sheet eliminates a huge amount of work and has a huge reach among the people you want to alert to your product -- all for a very attractive price.

Our introductory rate is $395 per item per issue. We send it bimonthly to the editors who are looking for news and new designs all the time. We know what they need, when they need it and the form they need it in.

A publicist costs upwards of $2500 a month to do what hot sheet can do – get you in front of the editors. Of course, we won’t be doing all that a publicist can do but if it’s exposure you need here is an affordable, easy way to get it. (If you really need lots of help with your publicity – more than hot sheet can do – we’ll happily refer you to one.)

Think what it would take to amass your own press list of all the trade and consumer magazines. Now think what it would take to keep it up to date just to use occasionally to contact each editor with a press release. That’s a job in itself.

But with hot sheet, it’s all done for you. We’re certain that editors will depend on hot sheet, for it’s professional-level writing, high-quality photographic formats and timely information. Already they are seeing it as a key resource for news. (See the comments at left.)


Call 866-252-8097 for complete details.

What they’re saying about hot sheet :

"Hot Sheet has been good for the Michael Daniels Collection! . . . four new stores are in the process of opening our line. ... Overall, from that one Hot Sheet placement, we have gotten more attention from stores that can actually sell our Mokume than we have from all our other magazine advertising to date."

~ Michael Parrish, Michael Daniels Collection

"Thanks to Hot Sheet, I got noticed."

~ Stuart J. Adelman,
Artelle Designs

“Appearing in the prototype issue has already gotten us media placement.

~ Andrew Goldstein
Zina Sterling

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