We at the Jewelers Resource Bureau are posting this privacy statement to demonstrate our commitment to assuring privacy for our clients who receive our e-mail newsletters, our customers who buy our products, our advertisers who work with us and every web surfer who visits our website.

Newsletters and E-mail
If you receive an electronic mailing from us, your email address is either
(a) listed in our database as someone who could clearly benefit from the information we provide,
(b) you have expressly registered to receive this information ("opt-in"), or
(c) you have previousy purchased one of our products or otherwise have an existing business relationship with us.
We respect your time and attention by controlling the frequency of our mailings.

Every newsletter we send contains an easy, automated way for you to cease receiving such email from us. If you wish to do this, simply follow the instructions at the end of those emails. If you have received unwanted, unsolicited email that you believe is sent from us and does not have "opt-out" instructions included at the bottom, or is unwanted email that email that purports to be sent by us, please forward a copy of that email with your comments to cindy@jewelersresource.com for action.

Information You Supply
We are not interested in selling, sharing, trading, bartering, renting or giving away individual personal information with anyone, and will not do so unless ordered by a court of law. Any information that you submit to us is available only to employees of Jewelers Resource and is used only for purposes of sending you information (chiefly via email) or improving our services.

Jewelers Resource, as part of the array of services it offers its customers, sells and rents lists of retailers, manufacturers and editors to retailers, manufacturers and editors for the purpose of doing business in the industry. The information provided is neither personal nor confidential and can be found in any number of sources in the industry such as industry yellow pages or from trade shows that sell lists of retailers who visit their shows. We simply edit and collate it for our customers convenience. For example, manufacturers need contact information to get in touch with potential retail clients, and editors need to reach manufacturers for news purposes. As a service, we provide that information.

Information We Obtain Indirectly
Your computer reaches us via a particular internet address -- known as an IP ("internet protocol") address -- that has certain information appended to it, that goobledygook at the bottom (now frequently hidden by many internet browsers). This can tell us things like what part of the world you are connecting from, what browser you are using, what service provider you are using, and similar data. The information we glean from this source is used as a means of monitoring our delivery to you with an eye to improving our service, particularly in improving the look and feel of our web site. For example, older browsers such as Netscape 3.0 and Internet Explorer 3.0 do not handle complicated website functions like Flash animations very well. Hence we do not use those web page functions so as not to interfere with our customers usability. If we determine through this channel that a vast majority of our clients have switched to later versions of these browsers that are capable of easily handling Flash animations, we will consider incorporating them if they add value to our customers time at the site.

Information Provided to Advertisers
We may on occasion provide information to advertisers regarding the effectiveness of their material. For example, we may tell advertisers how many people saw or clicked on an ad or how many people saw or clicked on ads on different areas of our site. We may offer information about viewer characteristics, things like numbers of visitors from a broad area such as trade or consumers magazines. In no case will this include specific, personally identifiable information about you or your online usage patterns. We may, for our own advertising and usability purposes, contact you directly for this kind of information. (For example, asking "Did you read our latest issue?") Should we do so, any information you impart will not be used by us publicly (as in an advertisement) or passed on to third parties unless you expressly state that it is permissible to do so.

Links to Other Sites
This site contains links to other sites. It is simply not possible for us to monitor or dictate the privacy practices of those sites, hence Jewelers Resource cannot be responsible for the privacy practices or the content of those Web sites. However, we do encourage them to state clearly their site's privacy guidelines. Please refer to the individual sites for their privacy policies.

Amendments to this Policy
Due to the evolving nature of technology, especially regarding the internet, it is entirely possible that we may amend or expand this privacy policy at some future point. Rest assured, however, that any changes will be instituted to further strengthen and protect your privacy. Our aim, as stated earlier, is to assure everyone's privacy.

Contact Us
If you have concerns about this issue and the Jewelers Resource Bureau or this website, you can contact us directly at cindy@jewelersresource.com. A real live person, Cindy or Frank, will get back to you as soon as reasonably possible.